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Hey, My Name’s Kay!

I’m a rice, noodle and gherkin obsessive, born and bred in Greater West London.

An East-meets-West love story is probably the best way to describe, not only my existence *BIG SHUDDER*, but my cooking style based on a half English and half Filipino upbringing. My love of cooking stemmed from being one hell of an annoying (but curious) child. I couldn’t wait patiently in another room until meals were ready so I would hang out in the kitchen and tug at my mums clothing as she did the daily prep, constantly asking questions like “How do you make this?”, “Why do you do that?”, “What does that do?”, “Why do you add that?”, “How long until dinner?”, “Can I taste it?”
(If this part infuriates you now, just take a moment to imagine her frustration as I did this almost daily for years.)

This blog is basically a sloppy ramen bowl of thoughts, adventures all based on my food obsession and unfortunate dietary needs*.

*I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis; which means that I have to be very careful with my foods. Due to this, I’m a lactose intolerant pescaterian and you’ll find that most of my recipes tend to my dietary needs. (I may make a blog one day to truly explain what it is and what it does- not sure whether I will yet though.)

You may see a little meaty number thrown in the mix. I do sometimes take medication for it. I’ve also not had UC for my entire life and prior to diagnosis, loved to experiment with meat dishes.

I strongly believe that food is fully customisable and you will find in my recipes that some of ingredients are not set in stone (Sometimes I know i’m just being extra too). I want to provide you with options so you can pick what best suits your taste / preference and start thinking a little bit more creatively in the kitchen. This also helps with the ‘F*ck! I forgot to buy…’ moments or the fridge emptying moments. I don’t like food waste so in my blogs you’ll discover that most of my recipes are created because I have things lying about in the fridge.

Although I love food and spend a lot of my time attempting to create versatile recipes. I am completely against mushrooms (Don’t try and argue it with me, I just don’t like them at all) and therefore will not feature them in my recipes, nor the food I eat at restaurants. They WILL be removed dishes.

I hope you appreciate reading my blog. (These things are hard work).


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